Fluval FX5 Canister Filter

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The FX5 Filter from Fluval: A Big Work Horse

Written by William Joseph
Last updated May 6,2014

Fluval canister filter provides unique filtration ability, ultimate versatility as well as remarkable fine tuning water features. Its multi-stage system set up allows for filtration media stacking in the exact layer combination that will function optimally for the aquarium.

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Eventually, one is presented with boundless flexibility in creation and maintenance of the best environment for the fish. The powerful motor processes and integrates 563 gallons of water within an hour thus one is able to manage water for even the very large aquariums.

 Fx5 Filter

Smart pump technology offers unparalleled plug in and start convenience. At start up, the high performance canisters fill up with water, pause for air evacuation and promptly kick off the filtering process.

Below are some of the key features of the Fx5 canister.
With a twin out-put nozzle, multiple streams of purified water can get to all aquarium corners. Subsequently, currents pre-requisite for water to break down waste are created. Such wastes float till they are in-taken by the filter. Much waste is suspended and only small percentage settles. This ensures that the bottom surface of the aquarium is clean.


 FX5 Filter

The presence of the instant start system makes it possible for the canister to work automatically. All you are required to do is fill the canister with water and plug the filter which will subsequently complete the filling process. The canister pumps for two minutes, stops momentarily to evacuate the air and restarts. The filter canister also features a purge valve that aids in emptying the canister prior to maintenance.

Fx5 filter

The expansive, circular mouth of the strainer ensures quick water intake. With the remarkable screen that has the capacity to repel debris, it is basically clog-proof thus no solid will be available to halt smooth flow of the water in the aquarium.

The FX5 smart pump technique utilizes an electronic monitor board to constantly monitor the pump. The pump also helps evacuate any amount of air that may have build in the system. It sees to it that desired maximum efficiency levels are realized.



The aqua-stop valves present allows for easy and quick maintenance with easy turn of the valve lever. The same lever can be used to control water flow. Three valves are present: one is used for water intake, another one for output and the third one comes in handy during the maintenance process when the filter needs to be drained.

With aqua-stop valves, smart pump technology, clog proof strainer and the dual output nozzle, the FX5 canister is undoubtedly synonymous with quality.